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When it comes to project and task management, you need a tool that meets your budget and team needs. Taskade and Todoist are brilliant solutions for managing tasks and working with internal and external users on your team. In this comparison, we will be exploring the differences in features and costs of the two applications.

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What is Taskade?

Figure A

Taskade interface.

Taskade is a project management solution with diverse work views, AI tools, communication and collaboration features. It’s suited for large teams and has a comprehensive free version, or for small teams exploring the software before purchase. To learn more, see our Taskade review.

What is Todoist?

Figure B

Todoist interface.

Todoist is a simple project and task management tool with AI help for tasks, guest users and task reminders. They aren’t stacked with features, but they do integrate with tools for productivity — along with Zapier — to expand their offerings. To learn more about Todoist, see our review.

Taskade vs. Todoist: Comparison table


Free planYesLimited

Team workspacesYesLimited

AI toolsYesYes

Dedicated supportYesNo

Unlimited activity historyLimitedYes

Work viewsYesLimited


Taskade and Todoist pricing

Each task management tool has a different pricing structure and vastly different price plans.


The pricing model in Taskade is not per user but has an included amount of users in the flat monthly fee, either paid annually or monthly. This makes it more cost-effective for larger teams looking for bulk pricing but sometimes costly for small teams.

Personal tiers

Free: 3 users, 1 workspace, and 1000 AI credits monthly.
Starter: 3 users at $4 month, billed annually, or $8 month, billed monthly.
Plus: 5 users at $8 month, billed annually, or $16 month, billed monthly.

Business tiers

Pro: 10 users at $19 month, billed annually, or $39 month, billed monthly.
Business: 25 users at $49 per month, billed annually, or $99 month, billed monthly.
Ultimate: 50 users at $99 month, billed annually, or $199 month, billed monthly.
Enterprise: More scalability with unlimited members and storage, see sales for pricing.


In Todoist, pricing isn’t directly per user. In Pro, you pay a monthly flat fee for up to 25 people per project. In Business, you pay for each full member, guest users are unlimited and free.

Beginner: 5 projects with 5 people allowed per project, no team workspace.
Pro: $4 month, billed annually, or $5 month, billed monthly.
Business: $6 user/month, billed annually, or $8 user/month, billed monthly.

Feature comparison: Taskade vs. Todoist

At first glance, Todoist is a very simple application, while Taskade is significantly more feature-rich. In a closer look, they actually have a few of the same offerings, like task reminders, task duration timing, custom filters and scheduling. Below, we focus on the big differences that will determine which teams are the best fit.

Free plan

Both Todoist and Taskade offer free versions. Taskade offers a Free tier as part of their personal subscription tiers, and is limited compared to their business plan. They still have quite a few features, though. In Free, you can have 3 users, 1 workspace and projects, which seems small until you get to the AI tools and feature sets.

More project management coverage

Free has AI assistance to help with tasks, chat and workflows. It also has access to AI agents to help with research, media files and SEO analytics. While you only have 1 workspace option in Free, you still have most collaboration features like video chat, messaging, commenting, 5 guests and unlimited viewers. The plan also includes access to all work views (list, board, org charts and mind maps), a week of activity history, task timing, task assignments, reminders and due dates.

Todoist doesn’t offer nearly as much in their free plan Beginner. The plan offers 5 projects, 5 users per project, a week of activity history, along with list and board work views.

In comparison, Taskade has more team collaboration, AI, task management and diverse work views all in their free plan. Both are good for getting started with managing tasks, but the big difference is that Taskade offers a comprehensive view of their platform’s capabilities.

Team workspaces

Taskade’s personal subscription only offers 1 workspace, with their highest personal tier offering 2 workspaces at $8 per month, billed annually.

Todoist is structured slightly differently. Their highest tier, Business, has a shared team workspace that can handle 500 team projects, 300 personal projects per member, unlimited members and unlimited free guests. The cost is only $6 per user/month, billed annually.

Diving deeper, workspaces in Taskade’s Business plans offer more workspaces, with 5 in Pro, 20 in Business and unlimited in Ultimate. Business and Ultimate have unlimited guests, but the only plan with unlimited members is Enterprise.

The bigger your team or organization, the more you will end up spending with both Taskade and Todoist. Todoist has fewer features but will be more cost-effective for small teams. Taskade’s Ultimate plan includes 50 users for a flat fee of $99 per month, while Todoist’s Business plan of $6 per user/month could cost around $300 per month for 50 users. For more perspective, Taskade’s Business plan is $49 per month for 25 users, whereas Todoist’s Pro plan is $4 per month for 25 users.

AI tool

In terms of AI assistance, both offer tools. In Todoist, they have an AI assistant that helps with tasks and filters in the Pro and Business tiers. For Taskade, both personal and business tiers have access to an array of different AI tools.


Todoist support is limited to self-service with help center resources for user documentation and troubleshooting. Taskade has a knowledge base for their Free plan, 24/7 support for the Starter plan, priority support for Plus, along with onboarding for the Business plan.

Unlimited activity history

Taskade only has unlimited activity history in their Ultimate plan, costing $99 per month. Todoist has unlimited activity history and auto backups in their Business plan, which is $6 per user/month.

Work views

For work visualization, Todoist has list and board views with the option to set your own filters. Taskade offers list, board, calendar, mind map, table, org charts and custom views. An upcoming work view for the platform is Gantt charts for the Business and Ultimate plans.


Taskade integrations include popular tools like Zapier, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Todoist doesn’t offer many options for storage and workspace integration, but they do have Zapier, Zendesk, Slack, Gmail and Outlook. They also work with lesser-known apps to help with time tracking and productivity.

Taskade pros and cons

Pros of Taskade

Multiple AI tools.
Team collaboration capabilities.
Stacked free version.

Cons of Taskade

More expensive with the month-to-month pricing being extremely high.
More feature-dense and can have a learning curve.
Onboarding is only offered at the highest tiers.

Todoist pros and cons

Pros of Todoist

Very affordable.
Easy to get started with.
AI assistant for tasks.

Cons of Todoist

Not many features.
Can be costly the more members you have in the Business plan.
No direct support.


For this comparison, we considered each software objectively. Pricing and features were the main focus for our compare and contrast, with special attention towards the different team sizes they benefit. We evaluated offerings for teams and workflows and took care to highlight each application’s strengths and weaknesses. Application interface and ease of use were also taken into account.

Should your organization use Taskade or Todoist?

Both applications are great for project and task management, but depending on the type of project you’re working on, each one is better for drastically different use cases. Todoist is affordable and great for simple projects. Taskade is very feature-rich and has bulk pricing for big teams but may not be worth the cost for small teams.

Todoist’s free version is basic for 5 users, while Taskade’s free version has access to powerful features for 3 users. There is a lot of give and take between each solution, so it comes down to what you prioritize. Complex projects for a team with 50 or fewer users? Taskade may be a better fit. Simple workflows with a team worried about learning curves and dense features? Give Todoist a look.

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