Players have found ways to build vehicles in Lego Fortnite

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Lego Fortnite has brought a new experience to Fortnite since its launch and has encouraged players to build in new, creative ways through its survival crafting content. But while many are building huge houses or settlements in a Minecraft-esque fashion, some players are seeing just how far they can stretch the tools at hand to create the next best thing. 

Some players have implemented tools like thrusters, switches, and balloons to create operational vehicles to travel around the map before sharing them on social media like Reddit. Although these items aren’t intended use of these items, and they can be a little finicky to control, they get the job done. With no steering wheel in the game, it’s impressive that players have so quickly found an unconventional workaround. 

However, although this does feel like a bit of a breakthrough since the tools at hand don’t initially appear to be used for building vehicles, there was an intention to have some sort of handmade transport in the game. As shown in the trailer, players are seen in the air within devices built with balloons and thrusters, but they don’t seem anywhere near as technical as the ones players are creating. Twitter user BuilderDriz even shared a tutorial on how to build an easy boat/car contraption for those struggling. The full Tweet can be seen below:

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In a way, this constructive creativity shares a lot of similarities with the community of Tears of the Kingdom, and the manipulation of Zonai devices to create various forms of transport despite not having a huge amount of guidance as to what will work. In a way, this freedom is more than likely the main encouragement to try something out and see what works – resulting in cars controlled by switches and airplanes controlled by balloons.

Hopefully, we start to see more tools implemented into Lego Fortnite in the future to help encourage players to keep building – especially with how popular the game has been since its launch just under a week ago. Who knows what we’ll see next?

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