Epic Games executive VP admits that ‘we hope at some point to use Nintendo’s characters’

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Fortnite is known for having an impressive roster, with characters from all across TV and video games. It’s one of the competitive shooter’s best-known characteristics. 

However, getting the likes of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 or Omni Man from Invincible isn’t enough for Epic Games; it’s still shooting its shot at something bigger. In an interview with Axios, EVP Saxs Persson recently explained how Nintendo and its characters are still an ultimate goal. 

“Nintendo has their strategy, and we have our strategy, and we hope at some point to use their characters,” Persson said. “Our players would love it.”

However, players have wondered whether Fornite’s cross-platform nature has been what has dissuaded Nintendo from getting involved in the shooter’s ever-growing roster of characters. Since you can play Fortnite on PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X|S, it means that Nintendo characters could appear on consoles other than the Nintendo Switch.

Previously, Nintendo did a crossover with one of Epic Games’ IPs, Rocket League. However, the Nintendo content would appear as a default item for players who weren’t using the Switch. 

Unfortunately, while this may have worked for Rocket League, Fortnite is a different matter. All of the new characters and game mods as of late have been available to every player, so dividing up the fanbase now and only giving a few players access to fantastic collaboration doesn’t seem to fit with the style of this competitive battle royale.

For the time being, players will just have to make do with all the various incredible characters who are already in Fortnite, like Venom, John Wick, and Peter Griffin. It looks like there’s a long shot for iconic Nintendo characters like Samus or Link to be added to Fortnite.

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