Amazon Prime Day 2023: best smartwatch and fitness tracker deals

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Whether you’re looking for an Apple Watch, Android smartwatch, or maybe even a plain old fitness tracker, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime Day 2023 is a great time to snag discounts on smartwatches and fitness trackers alike. This is especially true if you’re a budget-savvy shopper looking to upgrade to nicer materials, like titanium cases and sapphire crystal displays.

Sifting through Prime Day deals for wearables can be a bit of a headache. There are so many sizes, colors, and feature sets to choose from! But we’ve rounded up the best here so you don’t have to. Just keep in mind you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to partake. And when you’re done here, you can always head back to our main guide to the best Prime Day deals for some more shopping inspiration.

For the more budget-conscious, all versions of the Apple Watch SE are $50 off their usual price.

Android users — we gotchu. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Pixel Watch deals.

Update July 12th, 12:45PM ET: Checked prices and stock.

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